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is a powerful and phenominal band, based in Detroit. The creativity in their music style is original and their stage presence is a visual experience.
They released their debut album titled, "Beyond The Speed of Life",in February 2000. It did not take long before the band received much recognition from the music Industry, as well as from fans all over the globe. PHE has a faithful following of fans, and has been spreading quickly on many frequency controls.

These guys have worked hard, and are very driven for success. They have proven themselves as one of Detroit's finest bands.



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Art by John Amey Layout by Jahlion Graphics
Shed your work clothes
Plug right in
Enjoy your stay sir...come back again
As of April 2001, two new members have joined Perpetual Hype Engine, Hippie and Mike. I will be revamping my site the end of June with all the latest photos,  news, and inside scoop. There is alot of exciting things happening in this band, so bookmark my site for all the latest HYPE.

My Hype Info page is updated with the current show dates, so don't miss PHE LIVE.


Perpetual Hype Engine 

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Click on photo to see PHE with new members, Hippie & Mike.



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Beyond the sun, Beyond the soul, Beyond the speed of life