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The Engine Roars...LIVE


Sal Aiello        Lead vocals, guitar

Kurt Harm        Guitar
Dave Curry       Bass
Joe Smith         Drums


Perpetual Hype Engine is a Detroit based band consisting of four members: Sal Aiello, Kurt Harms, Dave Curry and Joe Smith. The band formed in 1997. Sal and Kurt were playing in Suiciety for many years, and Dave and Joe joined them. These guys are very dedicated to their band and are very grounded in what they are working to achieve together. Their focus has been writing music and recording in the studio, and they have managed to create their own brand of music, which can be classified as melodic, hard rock, alternative, heavy metal.... Whatever, they are a fresh sound. P.H.E. has made a name for themselves in Detroit, and has had a phenomenal response from their home town, as well as from fans around the globe and the music industry. Detroit has produced some of the best talented musicians over the years, and P.H.E. is nothing less than one of Detroit's finest. Last year, they won a contest from Musicblitz.com, and were invited to Texas for a Music Conference, where only 21 bands from around the world were chosen. P.H.E. played before a panel of judges, with Wayne Kramer from the MC5 as one of the judges, and recieved all thumbs up, returning home to Detroit with a recording contract.


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Front man, Sal Aiello has been writing lyrics and music for almost two decades and has proven himself as a quality musician. Aiello is intensely creative and is the master mind behind P.H.E. From their band uniforms, unique stage props to the lyrics he writes so extrordinary. He creates ideas that work, and people remember the music when they hear it, they remember the show, they remember the performance. Aiello has come along way from the days of "Heety Peety", and has had many accomplishments in his musical career, including creating and playing the guitar riff for the British band " Republica" , on the song "Ready To Go".

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Forming the band "Suiciety", practicing in garages and rental spaces, playing in any and all bars they could book, Aiello never stopped making music. He later joined a band called "Powertrain", with friends from other bands. Powertrain soon proved to be too much, while he was concentrating on his own band and writing his own music. The band Powertrain is still going strong with front man Aaron Warmoth


When Perpetual Hype Engine came together, it seemed as though, with the years of trial and error, Aiello had formed the kind of band that he had worked so hard to become. Every member of the band realizes and is willing to put the time, hard work and talent into Perpetual Hype Engine. The guys have all become good friends and a team, as well as a band.

PHE has taken on many projects and played many live shows over the last couple years. They are currently spending alot of time in the studio working on new material. They collaborated on the song "Let's Go All The Way," with ICP, which is an old Sly Fox remake. The song is on ICP's Bizzare album. PHE and ICP made the video for this song, which has been added to the MTV play list.

As of April 2001, PHE has made some changes and has new band members. I will be updating my site in June, with all the info and inside scoop.

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