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All sites will be judged on the following:

Visual Presentation - text, color, graphics
Creativity Navigation
Composition Originality


If you think your site is deserving of recognition and meets the design
requirements for an Enhanced Web Appeal Award, please do the following.
button2.jpg (500 bytes) In the subject line type Enhanced Web Appeal Award
button2.jpg (500 bytes) Insert site URL, site Title, and site Theme
button2.jpg (500 bytes) Include your name
button2.jpg (500 bytes) Send e-mail to


Do not submit sites that are of pornographic or sexual content, Racial or
biased, or exploits children in any way. Only sites that contain clean
content will be considered for my award.

No Commercial sites please!

If your site is chosen to receive my award, you will be notified by e-mail.
I will present you with an Enhanced Web Appeal Award, which will be
placed on your site, linking to my site. Once you place the award on your
site, e-mail me back within 10 days, and I will add your site to my page of
Award Winners. This will help you in getting site exposure and build
traffic to your site.
Good Luck !

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